Synchronized Tournament Breaks

Multi-tabling just got sweeter with the introduction of synchronized breaks across our entire tournament schedule so you can reward yourself with a full 5 minute break.

If you’re juggling multiple tournaments, tournament breaks used to be scattered across your session and were dependent on the timing of each individual event. Well no more - we’ve synchronized the break schedule across all our multi-table events so you can know when your break is and take full advantage of it.

All tournaments will break for 5 minutes at 55 minutes past every hour. So go on, reward yourself with a break - grab a snack, go to the bathroom or take care of whatever other business you need to, without having to miss any of the action (or blinds) on any of your tables.

Our synchronized break schedule includes:

· Tournaments in late registration.
· Tournaments within the first blind level.
· Turbo tournaments within the first two levels of play.

And excludes:

· Sit & Go events that began with under 30 players are excluded from this break schedule.