Tournament Terms & Definitions


The "Add-on" is the last opportunity a player has to buy additional chips in an attempt to better his/her chances to win an "Add-on" tournament. The Add-on is available for a limited period of time to players after the Re-buy period is over. The amount and time restriction can be found in the tournament lobby.


The registration cost for a poker tournament is referred to as a "Buy-in". The "Buy-in" is the amount each player must invest to enter a tournament. The Buy-in amount for each tournament can be found in the tournament lobby. Total Buy-ins from all registered players creates the total prize pool for that tournament. Players are allowed to unregister for a tournament up to a deadline found in the tournament lobby.


The fee is the amount paid by the players to the site to participate in the tournament.


In the later stage of a tournament, when each position represents a substantial difference in prizes and there is more than one table remaining, the tournament may be played "hand-for-hand". This means that each table will play each hand at the same time until a player is eliminated. Table(s) may have to wait until all hands from the other table(s) are completed in order to start the next hand. Hand-for-Hand play may happen more than once during the same tournament.

If two or more players are eliminated from a different table during "Hand-for-hand" play, they are considered to be eliminated in the same hand regardless if one of the hands finished earlier than the other. Chips stacks will be compared to determine the finishing order.


When a contest is between 2 players only, it is referred to as "Heads-up". The rules are the same as Multi-Table play with the exception that the player with the "dealer button" posts the small blind and will act first pre-flop then last for the remainder of the hand. The player who posts the big blind is dealt first.

In the Money

When a player has qualified for a prize in a tournament, it is called "In the Money". If a player is "In the Money" that means that he will win at least the minimum prize available for that tournament.


The total prize pool and number of players being paid is determined by the number of registered players in a tournament. The more players that enter a tournament, the larger the prize pool will be and ultimately the more players who will receive prizes. The number of players, prize pool and prize distribution can be found in the tournament lobby. All monies paid from all Buy-ins account for the prize pool for each tournament.


When a player qualifies to purchase another "Buy-in" during a tournament, it is called a "Re-buy". A Re-buy allows for a player to continue competing in a tournament. Re-buys are available in a Re-buy & Add-on tournament only. The number of Re-buys, time restriction, amount and conditions for Re-buys can be found in the tournament lobby.


A round is a term referred to in "Shoot-out" tournaments; it is like an individual "Freeze-out" tournament. Rounds have their own Level Structure and the winner(s) from each table per round advance to the next round.