Tournament Types and Features

RedStar Poker offers exciting tournament in various formats including Hold'em, Omaha, Bounty, Freeze-out, Re-buy and Shoot-out styles. Also, join satellite tournaments to gain entry into much bigger events and look for freerolls that cost nothing to play. Please see the tournament lobby for the exact details and rules for each tournament.


If more than one table is needed to accommodate the number of registered players in a tournament, it is known as a multi-table tournament. During a Multi-table tournament, as players are eliminated, players will be moved randomly from one table to another in order to keep the number of players at each table as balanced as possible. Although we try to be fair and move players in relation to their position with the dealer button, a player may end up moving from their blinds and move to a blind position again.

Sit & Go

Sit & Go tournaments are events that do not have a scheduled start time. They start when the needed number of registered players is reached then each participant is notified that the tournament is about to being seating.


When a contest is between 2 players only, it is referred to as Heads-up. The rules are the same as Multi-Table play with the exception that the player with the "dealer button" posts the small blind and will act first pre-flop then last for the remainder of the hand. The player who posts the big blind is dealt first.

Re-buy & Add-on

A Re-buy & Add-on tournament allows for players to Re-buy and/or Add-on additional chips during the game. These tournaments have a predetermined Re-buy period but generally it is during the first hour of play up until the end of the first break. During the Re-buy period each player is allowed a fixed number or unlimited number of Re-buys depending how the tournament has been set up.

A Re-buy is permitted during the Re-buy period only when a player’s chip count is equal to or less than the amount of chips the player had at the start of the tournament. For example, if players were given 1500 chips at the beginning of the tournament they may purchase a Re-buy ONLY if their chip count is less than or equal to 1500 chips. This means that if a player loses all of their chips in any hand during the Re-buy period they can remain active in the tournament by purchasing a Re-buy of additional chips. The cost of a Re-buy and the number of chips provided is generally the same as the cost of the original buy-in and number of chips provided when the tournament begins. Check the tournament information for details.

An Add-on will be available during the first five minute break of a Re-buy & Add-on tournament. All players that are still active in the tournament will have the option to purchase an Add-on of additional chips regardless of how many chips they have at the time. The cost of an Add-on is generally the same as the cost of the original buy-in. The number of chips provided with an Add-on is the same or more than the original buy-in. Check the tournament information for details.

Re-buys and Add-ons can be purchased by clicking on their respective buttons located at the Dealer chip tray or by clicking on the Dealer chip tray itself and then clicking the Add Chips button. There is no additional fee paid by the player when Re-buys and Add-ons are purchased which means that all Re-buys and Add-ons are added to the tournament prize pool. The total prize pool and the payout structure will not be finalized until both the Re-buy and Add-on periods have closed.

For complete details regarding on any tournament open the tournament Lobby and click the Tournament Information button.


In a Freeze-out tournament players make a single Buy-in and will be eliminated from the tournament when they lose all their chips. As players become eliminated the tables are combined with other tables until there is a final table and ultimately there is one player left with all the chips.


A Shoot-out tournament consists of a limited number of players competing on different tables. In round 1, players compete until there is one player left at each table with all the chips. In round 2 the winners from round 1 are then combined at other tables and they again play until there is one player left with all the chips. A Shoot-out tournament can have between two (Heads-up) to ten players on each table competing over 1 or more rounds. The number of rounds and players per table varies and can be found in the tournament lobby.


Satellite tournaments are events where prizes are entries into other larger tournaments. A satellite could award the winner(s) entries into other satellites. All satellite tournaments end when all players have won or qualified for their prizes.


Freerolls are tournaments that require no Buy-in or registration fees, no risks or conditions. These true freerolls are our way of giving back to our players.

Late Reg

Players can now register for a tournament after the tournament has started. For freeze out tournaments a player can now register 10 minutes after the tournament has started. For R&A tournaments a player can now register in the first hour.