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The Festival in Rozvadov 2024 Qualifiers
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Episode 5: €200,000 GTD Stack Builder
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Episode 6: €500,000 GTD Classic Showdown
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Euro Poker Championship 2024 Bratislava

Euro Poker Championship 2024 Bratislava (18/02 - 04/03/2024) - the schedule consists of Seat Only (€350) and Package (€1,000 each) qualifier to a €350 NLHE, €400,000 GTD EURO POKER CHAMPIONSHIP MAIN EVENT in Bratislava.

Live Event Details

  • Euro Poker Championship 2024 Event Dates: 19th March 2024 – 25th March 2024
  • Venue: Banco Casino Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Event website: for further information
  • Tournament: “EURO POKER CHAMPIONSHIP MAIN EVENT” from 19th March 2024, buy-in of €350
  • Players can choose any Day 1 Flight.

o Day 1A on 19/03/2024

o Day 1B on 20/03/2024

o Day 1C & 1D Turbo on 21/03/2024

o Day 1E & 1F Turbo on 22/03/2024

o Day 1G, 1H & 1I turbo on 23/03/2024

o Day 1J Hyper on 24/03/2024

o Day 2 on 24/03/2024

o Final Day on 25/03/2024

Package Info

  • Total Value of the package: €1,000
  • Main Event Buy-In: €350
  • Spending money including travel expenses: €650.

Seat Info

  • Total Value of the prize: €350
  • Main Event Buy-In: €350
  • No spending money included.

It is hereby clarified that the players shall be solely responsible for booking their own travel arrangements and the players shall be solely responsible for making sure their passport is valid and that they have a visa to enter the country of the tournament, if applicable.

Qualifier Schedule - Sunday 18/02/2024 - Monday 04/03/2024

Package Satellites

  • Step 1 satellites: €0.50 Buy in
  • Step 2 satellites: €5 - €10 Buy in
  • Final Step Day-1 satellites: €50 Buy in

Flighted Tournaments offering Packages

  • “EPC Bratislava 4x€1,000 GTD|D1” (Day 1) daily
  • “EPC Bratislava 4x€1,000 GTD|D2” (Day 2) on Mondays, 26/02/2024 & 04/03/2024
  • Buy in: €50
  • Buy in type: Re-Entry, 5x
  • 8 packages

Seat only Satellites

  • Step 1 satellites: €1 - €3 Buy in
  • Step 2 satellites: €20 Buy in

Tournaments offering seats only

  • Running on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Buy in: €20
  • Buy in type: Unlimited Rebuy / Addon
  • 15 seats

Entry Tickets


  1. Promotion Duration: Sunday 18th February 2024 - Monday 4th March 2024.
  2. Packages and seats are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash. You must play or forfeit the seat. Any taxes, insurance and other expenses relating to the prize will be the sole responsibility of each winner.
  3. Please review carefully the content of the package. Packages are provided on an “AS-IS” basis, and Operator shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to any acts or omissions of third party suppliers, including without limitation, airlines, carriage service providers. For the avoidance of any doubt, it is hereby clarified that Operator shall not be responsible in any way for the nature of the event or prizes and their respective quality, and you hereby waive any claim and/or demand in relation thereto.
  4. By playing the Euro Poker Championship 2024 online tournaments you declare that you are ready and able to travel to Bratislava (Slovakia), in order to participate at the Euro Poker Championship 2024 Live event. This includes any and all documents required for travel to the destination.
  5. All seats for the “Euro Poker Championship 2024” won via an Online platform MUST be used in the destination tournament “EURO POKER CHAMPIONSHIP MAIN EVENT Day 1X” from 19th March 2024 in Bratislava (the “Destination Tournament”).
  6. In case a player won multiple seats, they can enter multiple Day 1 events (“EURO POKER CHAMPIONSHIP MAIN EVENT Day 1 X”). Players will only be able to carry over their largest stack into “EURO POKER CHAMPIONSHIP MAIN EVENT Day 2” on 24th March 2024, should they qualify from multiple Day-1 events in Bratislava. The onus is on the player to play the first seat and then arrange transfer to another player if required of additional seats won.
  7. Every effort must be made by the player to ensure they play / use all seats won. Under NO circumstances will refunds be issued by the event organisers and\or the Operator. All unused seats will be entered automatically into the Destination Tournament.
  8. Satellites will award “€5 EPC Step 1 Ticket”, “€10 EPC Step 1 Ticket”, “€20 EPC Step 1 Ticket” and “€50 EPC Step 2 Ticket” entry tickets which can only be used in “Euro Poker Championship 2024” Qualifiers related tournaments whilst the Promotion is in progress. After the Promotion ends the tickets will be linked to all tournaments with the corresponding buy in until they expire 2 months after having been issued.
  9. If a tournament is cancelled or interrupted, RedStar will return the buy in or the network tickets to the Players and they will be able to register for the next available event. RedStar will not offer any additional compensation to the Players if the event is cancelled or interrupted, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.
  10. We are not responsible for any adverse effects any participants experience throughout the use of their prize.
  11. RedStar Administration and iPoker Network reserve the right to amend or cancel this Promotion or amend these terms: (i) without notice if the change or cancellation is a result of any legal or regulatory change; or (ii) for any other valid reason by giving you notice in advance of the change, provided that such change or amendment shall not have a detrimental effect on Players that have already participated in this Promotion.
  12. Players may not create more than one account on RedStar poker room website for the purpose of entering the Promotion. If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms, we reserve the rights, at our sole discretion, to exclude a Player from participating in the Promotion or to refuse to award a Prize to a Player's account.
  13. If such a breach occurs, the RedStar administration may, at its discretion, close all such a Player’s accounts.
  14. In addition to these rules, all of the normal network rules and RedStar Terms & Conditions apply.